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Geekulcha Goes To Durban (Durban Digital Day)

Durban Digital Day, KZN Premier Digital Event


An invite to Durban Digital Day was sent out to the Geekulcha Crew by Jonathan Darker. We accepted the invite and in typical Geekulcha fashion we started spreading the world about Durban Digital Day on our social media platforms. The cool thing about this is that Durban Digital Day recognized us on their website as one of the organizations that support the event. Unfortunately the rest of the crew couldn’t make it to Durban so I had to go represent and I think I represented well since

Durban Digital Day 101

It’s an event that focuses on ALL things digital from online marketing, development, social-media, developing content and branding. So there was plenty of learning going on because of the diverse topics The brains behind this event are Glen Bo, Fred Felton, Cade Lamalette and Jonathan Darker. A very interesting and ambitious team.

Geekulcha meets DeathByDeigital
Geekulcha meets DeathByDigital

@cade_L – “Facebook is your building, Twitter is your call centre & Pinterest is your portfolio” #dbndday

The Venue


The Factory café was the venue for Durban Digital Day and a very great venue. I checked the pictures of The Factory Café on their Instagram account and it looked inviting. Being at the actual venue was even better. It has that Factory look, feel and setup with a few old equipment to enhance that Factory feel. They also serve some really really REALLY good cappuccino, latte, coffee made with some extra tough of creativity and an ounce of love


The Speakers

There was an interesting blend of speakers with the likes of Fred Felton ,Brett StClair from Google, Sim Lewis from Travel Concept Solutions, Mike Saunders from Digital Lab, Kirsty Bisset, Cath Jenkins and Barry Tuck,”The guy who does  stuff”



I was expecting around 150 to show up mainly because I underestimated the size of the venue. To my surprise the venue was super packed, so packed that some people were standing. The good guys from Durban Digital wouldn’t have any of that so they went to fetch more chairs although more people kept flooding in. They got their monies worth considering the line-up of speakers and the different topics on offer. As expected the audience were busy on their phones tweeting all through the event which made @dbndigital and #dbndDay  trend nationally. It was a nice feeling knowing that Geekulcha was involved in another event that trended in South Africa.

Somewhere in the crowd, mingling with the audience was Brett St Clair from Google in his sleek sneakers. He gave away a Samsung device to one of the attendees for a tweet competition that ran during the event

There is so much I can say about the successful Durban Digital Day but will rather share with you an extract from Lauren Kate Rawlins, a journalist at The Mercury who sums up everything very well in her Storify post. Enjoy the fresh read here 

Looking forward to Durban Digital Day 2014….

Credit to Lauren Rawlins for her Storify post.


Geekulcha goes to Durban (Intro)


On the 31st of October 2013 I went to Durban.

This is probably not the best way to start a blog but for me the sentence is a bit significant simply because Durban has been on my list of things to do and places to see for 2013. Yes, I have my own “bucket list” that I am constantly ticking off in random order.

The journey to Durban started off with a bit of exercising, literally. I got the airport a bit late, ok maybe very late which I would like to blame the transport system. So being late forced me to run to the terminal where I would catch the flight and yoh I ran. Lesson learned, SLEEP AT THE AIRPORT IF YOU HAVE TO

The flight was a reasonable one hour and the view of the clouds still remains spectacular. Seeing the Drakensburg Mountains from the top was also pretty cool. Something about the air when we landed was very different. It felt heavy and very humid.

Got a cab to take me to the Durban Digital Day event which was held at The Factory Café. On our way I was welcomed by this super awesome breeze which was coming from the Ocean. This was the beginning of an amazing and interesting stay in Durban, Ethekwini as some of the locals call it

A lot of things happened during my stay there and I have been battling to put it all in just one single blog post. So I have decided to break down the experience into four different categories which are:

Durban in Pictures: Strictly pictures of my stay in Durban

Durban Digital Day: The main reason I went to Durban

Sites and places: The different cool places I came across in Durban

Meetups: The cool people are met there and the lessons I learned

It’s a pity and very unfortunate that the rest of the Geekulcha crew couldn’t make it to Durban. So I will title the blog post “Geekulcha Goes to Durban” since it was supposed to have been the whole Geekulcha Crew going to Durban instead of just me

And the Journey begins…

The Uber Experience

uberI met a guy by the name of Alon Lit during the MTN app awards in August. He had just moved to South Africa and during our conversation he told him about this new useful taxi app called Uber that is making waves world wide especially in San Francisco. He started demonstrating it to me and I was blown away. Uber brings the taxi to you, drives you in class and you get to pay using the Uber mobile app. I couldn’t wait to test it out. Unfortunately I never got a chance to try out Uber Johannesburg. Thanks to organizers of Durban Digital Day I got a chance to use Uber Durban and I enjoyed every moment of the experience. Uber Durban became my main transport in and around Durban. I didn’t have to worry about anything and how to get to a certain point, uber took care of that. All I had to do was use the app on my phone, pin point my location and Request a pickup. Uber would send the nearest driver with his identification to come pick me up in a luxury car…..and open the door for me

Here is how Uber works

1. You download the Uber app which is available on the following platforms then register your details and create your profile




2. Set pickup location so the app can send your set location to the Uber app. You have an option of selecting which kind of car should be pick you up. It seems that South Africa has only the Black car which ranges from Audi, BMW, Toyota Fortuner and Mercedes Benz


3.  You then click the “Request Pickup Here” tab so the drivers can see you location. The Uber app will search for the nearest drivers to you. A message will be sent to the driver and they will respond. Once they have responded you will get a profile of them which includes their name, surname, car type and the number plate. You will also get notified of how long they will take and their current location. Cool thing about this app is that you get to see the car moving on your app. Uber notifies you via sms when the driver is coming, close by and when they arrive. You are also able to call the driver at any given time while they are on the way


4. The Uber driver will call you when they arrive and they will come open the door for you so you can go in like a superstar while everyone watches on. Once you’re in they will ask for you destination and if you’re lucky you might just get a bottle of water

You have 5 minutes to cancel your request for a driver. After that you will be charged a fee for . There is also the option of using a promo code and also sharing the cost of the fee among friends. Uber also gives you R90 credit when you share your ref code and someone uses it. The person who uses your code will also get an get R90 of from their first trip


If you are in Durban and would like to try out uber Durban then download the app, register and use promo code “Geekulcha” to get your 1st ride for free. “Geekulcha” promo code only valid around Durban

For more information on Uber go to

You can also check them on twitter:

Uber Durban:

Uber Cape Town:

Uber Johannesburg:

Innovation + Collaboration = CHANGE

On the 27th of September we had the first ever TedxPretoria which was hosted at The Innovation Hub. It was my first ever Tedx event but definitely not the last. Being part of the TedxPretoria organizing team was really something special, a great honor and plenty of fun. It had to be lots of with Linda “The Circus Master” Swart at the helm


So what is Tedx?

TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading.” The program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.

At TEDx events, a screening of TED Talks videos — or a combination of live presenters and TED Talks videos — sparks deep conversation and connections. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis.

TedxPretoria had a great turn out. It was a full house of Ted Talks fans that came to listen to some really great speakers. The stage setup was also nicely designed in-line with the TedxPretoria theme of Collaboration. The students from the Pretoria school worked on the TedxPretoria stage logo and they did an awesome job on it

The more playful you are, the more creative you become – Itha Taljaard

The Speaker lineup was also good with a balance of experienced Tedx speakers like Stafford Masie and Leyla Haidarian and newbies like Ahmed Alkayyali, Lany Sommers, Itha Taljaard. The youth were also well represented with Bruce Dube from Youth Village and Geekulcha’s very own Gabrie “Poetic Blaque” Matabane on the spoken word and Tiyani Nghonyama talking and showing some of his cool inventions.

The was a bit of beatboxing from Christopher MacClements aka ChrisMac who took the audience through a variety of beat-boxing sounds that originates as far as France, England and Australia. His set was wrapped with a tribute to local South African Sounds

Each speaker went home with a hand drawn portrait of themselves which was pretty cool. To find out more about the different speakers have a look at this TedxPretoria link:

Food for Thought


The lunch was so nicely packaged by the Blankcanvas team in this designed boxes. The food was really something different yet very delicious and fresh.

Constant laughter and stomach pains were dished out by Don Packett. He was the MC and a great one at it

Really looking forward to the next TedxPretoria event and hopefully be part of the organizing team again. Massive respect to the “Circus Master”, Linda Swart, for taking up the challenge, selecting the right team that worked so well to deliver the amazing event

People don’t want more tech, they want more convenience. Make it disappear and it will be more ubiquitous – Stafford Masie

Let the spirit of Innovation and collaboration continue beyond TedxPretoria because through it we will be able to see lots of change within our city and also our country

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