List of some #Apps to use for travel

#Uber and #taxify are great for when you don’t want to use your car. Long distance become costly. Uber now has #UberEats so you can order food and get it ubered to you

#Waze is great for finding alternative routes and shortcuts. It can also help identify areas where there is traffic and accidents so you can avoid them

#Gautrain app is good for checking schedules. They says that they are working on a feature that will allow you to top your card on the go. If you prefer taking the MetroRail then #GoMetro

Flapp ( used to be called Travelstart) is great for finding flights on different airlines. Can also help you get cheaper flights

Airbnb is great for finding accommodation at lower costs. You can use the app to find accommodation for your next

The nice thing about Uber and Airbnb is that you can share your code with people that are in your circle so they can get a discount when they sign-up for the very first time.

What are your favorite transport apps?