Shuuuuuu haven’t been blogging in like forever. While I was away from my blog a lot of things have happened in my life. There have been a few downs here and there and plenty of ups here and there…and there. There has also been a lot of learning and growth within my life. I can not ignore all the failures that I was experienced. Kinda. Greatful for everything that has been happening 


Geekulcha has grown. It has been amazing times within the GK world. We have managed to reach new levels, seriously hoping that we can keep up with our own growth and expansion. At the end of the day the heart beat of Geekulcha will also be the community. You can join the Geek movement and be part of the havoc by signing up here Apparently Geekulcha is still warming up. Havoc and disruption is about to happen

It’s amazing what TV and media attention can do to the growth of an individual and also for a team. We have been all over the news in the past few months. “Fame and exposure is great but it’s always key to never lose focus on the main goal” she said

I would like to believe that I’m back to blogging. Hope I can keep up. Don’t expect scheduled blog posts. I plan on blogging as I feel and when time allows. I’ll focus on things that interest me. Things like entrepreneurship, technology and gadgets, life and the world of running your own business. I will also feature now and again some of the cool people that I come across each and everyday.   

Do subscribe to my blog if you like it. Share it on social media if you see fit and let’s connect on Twitter. I’m here @4otune and my crew is here @geekulcha