The Geekulcha crew after the Ericsson Working Life Hackathon

There has been a few articles written about Geekulcha with the aim of explaining what it does and also to give it some spotlight to shine(everyone needs some little bit of fame). However there still remains a lot of questions about this Geekulcha thingy. People want to know what it is, what it does and my favourite questions HOW DO WE JOIN GEEKULCHA? Take a seat and let me break it down (sips coffee from the cool Geekulcha mug)

The name Geekulcha is a fusion of Geek and Culture. Yes you got it right, we turned Culture into KULCHA, pretty cool don’t you think?. Why did we do that? Well why not? Let’s practice, Geek Culture, Geek Culture, Geek Kulcha, Geek Kulcha, Geekulcha, Geekulcha. There you go. Practice makes perfect, so they said in class.


Geekulcha is dynamic and vibrant tech startup that focuses mainly on IT students, young IT professionals and basically anyone who is interested in the exciting world of Technology. We want to establish ourselves as the tech hub that the youth can call their own and use to learn more about IT, connect with other students, share knowledge through our platform, collaborate on projects, attended varies tech events to see what the tech world is about and also get training & exposure from industry leaders and the different tech companies that we work with and plan to work with. Shoooo, that was a mouth full

The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation.
— Pearl S. Buck

All of the above are just a build up to our main goal which is seeing our Geekulcha community put their skills to work. We all know the reality within our country. There is a huge unemployment rate. Students get to graduate but end up sitting at home with the right skills but not enough opportunities to test and improve their skills by putting them to work. Not cool at all. Companies are complaining that the graduates are not up to industry standards, who is fooling who?. That’s a debate we prefer to leave between the different academic institutions and the ICT industry. Back to classs…

Awesome tech minds during the Random Hacks Of Kindness (RHOK) hackathon

We have over the past year introduced a reasonable number of students to the mobile world and interesting a good number of them end up getting hired. We intended to increase that number with the help of different partners and organizations in the mobile space. Our focus has been been mostly on mobile development but as we know mobile development is just a small piece of the bigger IT pie and we plan on catering more pieces of the pie to our tech community. Some of those areas we intend on focusing on are in robotics, electronics, gaming, networking, web development, Business Analysis and entrepreneurship

We see ourselves as young tech professionals who are students of life. We believe that we have already made some small impact, even the World Bank through Infodev has noticed by sending a team to do a case study on Geekulcha.  We attend a lot of the cool and big tech events in the country. If we are not there “disturbing the peace” then we are behind the scenes helping run the events. Yes we are part of the social media revolution. Just check us on twitter (@Geekulcha) and Facebook you will see. You really are missing out. What do you think about our numbers? Go on, go check them.

“We all benefit by having young people exposed to the ‘way things are done’ in a democratic society. Isn’t it time… to ‘tap the power of youth?”
— Hans Bernard

We seriously love being geeks and do what we love. Some of our crew members have enjoyed the spotlight as speakers during TedxPretoria and Tech4Africa. We build things within 24-48 hours through hackathons. We also enjoy experimenting. We once placed a geek poet with beat-boxer and here is the end product.

So where are we based? Well mlab at the Innovation Hub is where we do all the tactics and brainstorming sessions but we reside all over the country. There are 26 Academic institutions in South Africa. Imagine how many geeks we have in our army. Imagine how much (positive) damage we can do. Curious to findout? then email us at We don’t mind having a cup of coffee with you. Please add some chocolate muffins too. We love muffins

The GK crew having a brainstorming session

If you’re a student and interested in joining our army of developers, designers, bloggers, engineers, gamers and mobile ninjas then show us what you’re made off and we will show you a different world outside your academic environment that will get you all pumped up for some serious action. Ever heard of a hackathon? Nope? Then checkout our Geektionary. Geekstars know their terms and vocab. But first go get Geekulchad here (@Geekulcha, Geekulcha page )

Every good army needs a few generals to lead and advice it. We believe that the same applies to Geekulcha. That’s why we are assembling a strong team of mentors and Board of Advisers with industry knowledge and expertise to guide our Geekulcha crew, community and ambassadors.

Maybe you’re sitting there and wondering how you can be part of this community if you’re not a student but want to be friends with the cool geeks. Well you can actually be part of The Friends Of The Geeks. It’s a great way to show your support towards us and towards the future of tech in our country. Let’s be friends, reach us here,

Gabriel and Mixo hanging out with Aki from Talk Radio 702

So what’s next? Well we are busy working on this and that, here and there with so and so. Stay tuned for more details. While you patiently wait checkout our cool Youtube video’s on our

Young, Talented, Skilled, Creative and Ambitious. That’s who and what we are