Good day family. Let me share some of my plans with you. I am trying to build a company, Geekulcha that will challenge big IT companies, work with them, hire students, get students hired, build great products that the people actually need, will help with skills development in the country and eventually be a force within Africa. If you think that maybe im too ambitious then you are probably right. But i prefer trying over not trying

I want Geekulcha to have networks across the country so we can also do cool stuff in your province, not just in Pretoria. But to do that we will need your support. The best way to get things going for you to tell your chomies about Geekulcha and let them know about our Facebook page. We are also on twitter and you can check our youtube vids

Expect lots of events on the ground so you can polish your skills. Expect lots of opportunities for those that grab them.

I would love to help launch a new company this year that will come out of the Geekulcha community which is you guys.

All this will only happen when you’re onboard. To my sisters out there no more excuses. It’s 2014. You gotta step your game up and show what you’re really made of

We are young, talented, skilled, creative and should be ambitious. The time for disruption is now. DONT BE LEFT BEHIND

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