On the 31st of October 2013 I went to Durban.

This is probably not the best way to start a blog but for me the sentence is a bit significant simply because Durban has been on my list of things to do and places to see for 2013. Yes, I have my own “bucket list” that I am constantly ticking off in random order.

The journey to Durban started off with a bit of exercising, literally. I got the airport a bit late, ok maybe very late which I would like to blame the transport system. So being late forced me to run to the terminal where I would catch the flight and yoh I ran. Lesson learned, SLEEP AT THE AIRPORT IF YOU HAVE TO

The flight was a reasonable one hour and the view of the clouds still remains spectacular. Seeing the Drakensburg Mountains from the top was also pretty cool. Something about the air when we landed was very different. It felt heavy and very humid.

Got a cab to take me to the Durban Digital Day event which was held at The Factory Café. On our way I was welcomed by this super awesome breeze which was coming from the Ocean. This was the beginning of an amazing and interesting stay in Durban, Ethekwini as some of the locals call it

A lot of things happened during my stay there and I have been battling to put it all in just one single blog post. So I have decided to break down the experience into four different categories which are:

Durban in Pictures: Strictly pictures of my stay in Durban

Durban Digital Day: The main reason I went to Durban

Sites and places: The different cool places I came across in Durban

Meetups: The cool people are met there and the lessons I learned

It’s a pity and very unfortunate that the rest of the Geekulcha crew couldn’t make it to Durban. So I will title the blog post “Geekulcha Goes to Durban” since it was supposed to have been the whole Geekulcha Crew going to Durban instead of just me

And the Journey begins…