uberI met a guy by the name of Alon Lit during the MTN app awards in August. He had just moved to South Africa and during our conversation he told him about this new useful taxi app called Uber that is making waves world wide especially in San Francisco. He started demonstrating it to me and I was blown away. Uber brings the taxi to you, drives you in class and you get to pay using the Uber mobile app. I couldn’t wait to test it out. Unfortunately I never got a chance to try out Uber Johannesburg. Thanks to organizers of Durban Digital Day I got a chance to use Uber Durban and I enjoyed every moment of the experience. Uber Durban became my main transport in and around Durban. I didn’t have to worry about anything and how to get to a certain point, uber took care of that. All I had to do was use the app on my phone, pin point my location and Request a pickup. Uber would send the nearest driver with his identification to come pick me up in a luxury car…..and open the door for me

Here is how Uber works

1. You download the Uber app which is available on the following platforms then register your details and create your profile https://www.uber.com/l/sign-up

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/za/app/uber/id368677368?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ubercab&hl=en

Blackberry: http://blog.uber.com/blackberry

2. Set pickup location so the app can send your set location to the Uber app. You have an option of selecting which kind of car should be pick you up. It seems that South Africa has only the Black car which ranges from Audi, BMW, Toyota Fortuner and Mercedes Benz


3.  You then click the “Request Pickup Here” tab so the drivers can see you location. The Uber app will search for the nearest drivers to you. A message will be sent to the driver and they will respond. Once they have responded you will get a profile of them which includes their name, surname, car type and the number plate. You will also get notified of how long they will take and their current location. Cool thing about this app is that you get to see the car moving on your app. Uber notifies you via sms when the driver is coming, close by and when they arrive. You are also able to call the driver at any given time while they are on the way


4. The Uber driver will call you when they arrive and they will come open the door for you so you can go in like a superstar while everyone watches on. Once you’re in they will ask for you destination and if you’re lucky you might just get a bottle of water

You have 5 minutes to cancel your request for a driver. After that you will be charged a fee for . There is also the option of using a promo code and also sharing the cost of the fee among friends. Uber also gives you R90 credit when you share your ref code and someone uses it. The person who uses your code will also get an get R90 of from their first trip


If you are in Durban and would like to try out uber Durban then download the app, register and use promo code “Geekulcha” to get your 1st ride for free. “Geekulcha” promo code only valid around Durban

For more information on Uber go to https://www.uber.com/

You can also check them on twitter:

Uber Durban: https://twitter.com/Uber_Durban

Uber Cape Town: https://twitter.com/uber_CT

Uber Johannesburg: https://twitter.com/Uber_joburg