“So what do you actually do?” A question that I am constantly asked by lots of different people that I come across. Some see the activities that I do but are not quite sure of what exactly it is that I do. Pretty sure many would expect me to answer this question with so much ease since I’m constantly asked about it. Well sorry to disappoint you. I still struggle to answer that question since I am horrible at talking about myself. I prefer my work to do the talking. Anyway it can’t really be avoided. I have to eventually get used to explaining what it is that I actually do. Not just for the sake of others but for my own sake. Let me give it a try.


Who Am i?

My name is Mixo, pronounced as Misho or Me-sho. I am not mixzo, Tumisho nor Mixo (with Xhosa sound). Mixo is my full name, not a short version for whatever people think I am. It is also not my nickname.

Fortune is my other name, not my surname. Fortune is also what I believe I am destined to have, God willingly. My surname is Ngoveni

So if you didn’t know NOW you know. I am Mixo Fortune Ngoveni

What do I do?

Now comes the really difficult part. Main reason for this is that I do a lot of things, well so it seems. I enjoy experimenting, challenging myself and just love a whole bunch of things. Some I’m good at, some I “Fake it until I make it”, and others I just flop at them. I do not like titles but for the sake of this post I will give myself a few titles. My own versions off-cause

I am a Microsoft Student Partner representing Tshwane University of Technology where I am currently doing my Btech in IT with a focus on Business Informatics.  Within TUT I work with different IT Departments and help some of their students with their in-service training while introducing others to the world of mobile technology and exposing them to the IT world. As MSP’s would say, “Geek is the new ROCKSTAR!!!”

I run a startup called Geekulcha which is based at mLab within The Innovation Hub. I am also part of the CoachLab programme at the Innovation Hub with Standard Bank being my sponsor at CoachLab. One of my strong characteristics is connecting people with things, things with people and people with other people. I guess the right title for that is called “The Connector”. Not only am I a connector but I am also a Growth Hacker. I am able to spread the word on something and make it reach as many people as possible like a wild fire. Some credit should be given to social media and its capabilities…..when used properly.

Below is a summary of the things that I enjoy doing . You can read further or stop here. It’s all up to you. However I do advice that the best way of getting to know me is to actually spend time with me.

The YoungTrepreneur

I am the Founder/CEO of Geekulcha which is a tech startup/platform for connecting IT students from all parts of South Africa so they can share ideas, collaborate, learn, put their skills to work and connect with the ICT industry. More about Geekulcha in future posts or check us on Facebook if you really cant wait https://www.facebook.com/Geekulcha


I like calling myself an Under30CEO simply because that’s what I aspire to be and that is what I am working towards every day. I have already had 8 different businesses from a young age. I sold marbles, Pokémon, homework in primary, Cell phone covers (thank you Nokia 3310). In tertiary I expanded my business skills and sold second hand textbooks, airtime and empty CD’s. So it’s pretty obvious that I enjoy the risky yet exciting world of business. You can just call me a Hustler. I will definitely share the highs and lows of the Hustling world. It is a whole lot of fun, unpredictable but not as glamorous as people make it out to look like. I am no expert but just simply want to share what I have come cross so it can help someone out there. Hopefully they wont make the same mistakes that I made .I made a lot of mistakes but learning from them.

The techie aka Geek


I have this thing for gadgets especially mobile devices.If i’m not owning it then I am either testing it or reading about it. So you can just imagine the number of devices that I have played with,all ranging from the fruit phones (iphone and Blackberry), the robots (Android), Windows Phones and all kinds of Nokia’s.

My appetite for mobile devices was made worse by Microsoft South Africa and mLab. In 2011 Microsoft SA selected me to be a Microsoft Student Partner. My role was simple and fun. I had to learn about their different technologies, tools and devices with the windows Phone being the main focus. I became the first student in South Africa to own the Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone (May it R.I.P). My love for gadgets, especially mobile devices just kept growing. I am always surrounded with new devices and get to play with them. So expect a lot of reviews on devices coming from me. You can call me the Mobile Ninja

If you still want to know more about me then let us connect on social media.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/4otune

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Geekulcha

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Geekulcha

Youtube: youtube.com/geekulcha